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About Becky Waters

Becky Waters, HypnotherapistBecky Waters is a Certified Hypnotist, Professional Breathworker, writer, speaker, musician, composer. She has been involved in creative pursuits and in living her dream as an active musician/ composer for more than 35 years already. She has written music for everything from a single solo instrument to complete orchestras, as well as pieces for piano, organ, handbells, choirs and vocal soloists. Her compositions have been awarded, honored and performed across the country as well as in Germany and Belgium. Her compositions have also been selected for performance at the Society of Composers National Conference, and by the International Alliance of Women in Music. She also created and recorded piano hymn improvisations for her father, which became a CD called This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine.


As a certified life coach and hypnotherapist, Becky is passionate about helping her clients move past their fears to reach their potential, discover their true selves, and get on with the passionate pursuit of their dreams. Her message of creative risk taking, honoring our own unique gifts and the passionate pursuit of our dreams leaves audiences inspired and ready for action. She has appeared as a guest on The Responsibility Act radio talk show, was nominated “Entrepreneur of the Week” by the Huntsville Times is a published author in Success and Happiness: Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets.


Becky has a Masters Degree in Music Composition, is Certified as a Life, Inner Wellness, and Rebirthing/Breathwork Coach, Energy Vitality Practitioner, and Hypnotist. She is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Practitioner, and has been trained in many other modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Radical Forgiveness. She is currently working toward a Doctorate in Metaphysics.

For information on hypnotherapy, workshops, and her personal growth and development products, visit Center for Inner Wellness. For info on her music visit Water Music Studio or Wedding Music Made for You.

I think I have always listened with ears different than most people…music is a language I’ve always innately understood. As a child, I could hear music and play it easily. I loved opening up to Spirit and creating my own songs, improvising and playing with different sound combinations to feel how they resonated in my body. I also loved helping my younger sister and cousins explore and learn about the world around them. As an adult, I continue my passion for helping people discover their own answers by guiding them to the knowledge that lies within them and expresses through their Soul’s Music.

Music IS the "Universal Language and Love is the Key" as Mac Davis sang in the 1972 hit, "I Believe in Music." It is the language that brings people of all nations and nationalities together. And it is the language of our Soul - our inner most being.

It's interesting that the last of our senses to shut down at death, and the first sense to develop while still in our mother's womb is hearing. In the mother's womb we are surrounded by her heartbeat and the different rhythms of her body. So in essence, our whole development as a human being is surrounded in the rhythms of life - the "music" of our body.

As a composer and musician, my intention in every piece I write or perform is that the music touch someone's heart and bring them closer to their inner connection to God, Spirit, All-That-Is... that Universal Energy that is within and all around us.

I encourage my students and clients to listen with their heart and to "hear" the voice of their own inner wisdom. It speaks to us in many ways - through music, feelings, emotions, body sensations, pictures, symbols.... But we must Listen.

This inner Listening, requires being still... feeling and BEing, and not so much DOing. Because, it is in the feeling and the being that we have the opportunity to create a life of true fulfillment for ourselves. It is the key to the creative power that is available within each of us - the key that, as spiritual beings having a human experience, leads to a life filled with inner peace and joy.

Becky Waters

Hypnotherapist, Writer, Speaker, Composer

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